Week 3 COVID 19 “Plan”

I use “plan” with quotations because if I’ve learned anything over these last two weeks that anything and everything we plan could (and probably will) change- from what time kids Zoom meetings are, to whether everyone is feeling up to learning more in the morning or afternoon, whether we will get pulled into a lastContinue reading “Week 3 COVID 19 “Plan””

Days 8 and 9- I’m the energizer bunny that seems to need re-charging

We’re on tail-end of Week 2 of our COVID19 experience with the four kids here.  I’m still going but I feel like I’m starting to run low on batteries at this point.  I’m actually starting to feel more like the wind-up little chicks that a lot of us had as children.  Every day I windContinue reading “Days 8 and 9- I’m the energizer bunny that seems to need re-charging”

Days 6 & 7: COVID-19 Whatever You Call This Time at Home with Kids

I’ve been calling what we were/are doing with our kids homeschool. I get it that it’s not homeschool because what homeschool parents do is way cooler than anything I’m coming up with and includes field trips (although digital field trips now abound). So, whatever it is we’re doing, we’re all doing the best we canContinue reading “Days 6 & 7: COVID-19 Whatever You Call This Time at Home with Kids”

COVID-19 Homeschool Curriculum/Checklist for Pre-K, 3rd, and 5th Grade- Week 2

My goodness, how fast things are changing in our world.  Minute by minute you hear more updates.  However, what hasn’t really changed that much is what we’re doing here at our house.  We’ve still been reading, playing games, jumping on the trampoline, and cooking some amazing meals. I honestly meant to get this done earlierContinue reading “COVID-19 Homeschool Curriculum/Checklist for Pre-K, 3rd, and 5th Grade- Week 2”

COVID-19 Homeschool Schedule Revised for Week 2- Split for Littles and Bigs

Raise your hand if this new need for homeschooling has been as much of a lesson for you as it has been your kids!  I can’t see you but, if your hand isn’t raised and you’ve been homeschooling this week, you’re probably lying (unless you were already doing it and then you may be laughingContinue reading “COVID-19 Homeschool Schedule Revised for Week 2- Split for Littles and Bigs”

Day 4: COVID-19 Uncertainty & Rock Candy

I’m so uncertain on so many things at this point: What’s going to happen with this virus? How long are we going to be stuck here? When they do release us to get out is it really ok to get out? If I order two gallons of milk at a time, am I really aContinue reading “Day 4: COVID-19 Uncertainty & Rock Candy”

Day 3: Learning as We Go

Well, we made it another day.  Three.  Three days.  Today was probably the hardest but also the best.  The kids have started to bicker between each other.  Sisterly/brotherly love I guess.  But also, I think we’re starting to get in more of a groove.  Garen and I split our days- him taking the morning shiftContinue reading “Day 3: Learning as We Go”

Day 2: COVID-19 Birthday and St Patty’s Day at Home

Day 2 was harder.  Am I the only one that felt like Day 2 was like 2 weeks in?!?  Seems like the days are super long but also fly by at the same time.  I’m finding it’s such a hard balance to work and not feel guilty for giving the offspring my attention when IContinue reading “Day 2: COVID-19 Birthday and St Patty’s Day at Home”

Day 1: COVID-19 Homeschool Begins

We survived Day 1.  Or at least until 5:45ish, which is when I had a few minutes while the kids play happily (for the most part) and Garen is cooking dinner.  You may have missed my post from yesterday about our COVID-19 schedule.  Since I posted that, I’ve seen a lot of posts joking aboutContinue reading “Day 1: COVID-19 Homeschool Begins”

Chalkboard Quotes: Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

A few years back, right after we moved into this house, my sweet mother-in-law gave us this frame. It was another color and didn’t have anything behind it. We debated between using it to hang wreaths or other stuff in it or get a large picture printed for it. But I had wanted a bigContinue reading “Chalkboard Quotes: Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today”