(Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday: Mr. $hitter

Introduction to (Not So) Tall Tale Tuesday: Have I ever mentioned that I’m a matchy-matchy person? I like things to go together and I guess this has bled over into my blogging because I feel an overwhelming desire to have my titles coordinate with the day of the week. If you know me very well,Continue reading “(Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday: Mr. $hitter”

Celebrating Dad

As I started to write this in preparation for posting on Father’s Day, I saw this…. Looking at this screenshot, you might not even know what struck me as important.            Share your story here… As I sat for a minute, pondering, I wondered how I’d never looked at that phraseContinue reading “Celebrating Dad”

Twin Tips: What to Ask/Say to a Mother Expecting Twins

I’ve read lots of blogs and articles on what NOT to ask and/or say to a mom expecting twins but I’m pretty sure that people just ask or say whatever they can to keep conversation going.  There’s a good chance that all people ever know to talk to them about is: their cousin’s friend’s sister’sContinue reading “Twin Tips: What to Ask/Say to a Mother Expecting Twins”

What the…Wednesday: German Hard Head

Today’s What the…. moment is brought to you by Clara and Kate’s preschool incident reports.  With two toddlers in preschool, incident reports are a fairly common occurrence. But… Today we had three: Clara got bit going down the slide- How that happens I’m not sure.  Clara was running, tripped, and scraped her knee.  Kate wasContinue reading “What the…Wednesday: German Hard Head”

Kate and Cat (AKA Dawg)

The girls take after their daddy and looove Samantha, the cat, who they lovingly refer to as Dawg. She is surprisingly patient with them, considering they lay on her, pull her tail, and chase after her on a daily basis.  I happened to hear the girls giggling behind the couch and was lucky enough to catchContinue reading “Kate and Cat (AKA Dawg)”

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

We wish you a Merry Christmas! Here’s our Christmas card this year, thanks to the wonderful work of Amanda B at ViriLovelyDesigns on Etsy. We went to Santa’s Adventure at the Parks Mall again this year. They’ve got a great Santa and we all love the Dreamworks 3-D sleigh ride. I’m not a huge KungContinue reading “Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!”

Photo Friday: Six Flags Holiday in the Park

Last Friday was Will and Anna’s last day of school for the holidays. We celebrated with another trip to Six Flags Holiday in the Park.  We have season tickets and also bought the meal pass, so we always eat there too. (I did the math and if we eat there four times, we’ve paid forContinue reading “Photo Friday: Six Flags Holiday in the Park”

Photo Friday- Tis’ the Season

Oh what fun we had at Anna’s class Christmas party! Our class was in charge of the snacks. Due to lots of allergies, everything at our school has to be individually wrapped and cleared by Nurse Gina, who does a great job keeping our kids safe and healthy. Enter traditional white Little Debbie Christmas Trees.Continue reading “Photo Friday- Tis’ the Season”

Adventures with Four: So Much for Cheap Entertainment 

Remember by post from yesterday? Well, to refresh your memory, the kids all happily played in and with laundry baskets and blankets yesterday morning, keeping them occupied for a solid 30 minutes. And I had the gall to brag about it.  A few hours later, as I was getting lunch ready, I overhead Anna askContinue reading “Adventures with Four: So Much for Cheap Entertainment “