(Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday: Pride and Coffee 

It’s Tuesday again and you know what that means??? Yes, that’s right… it’s (Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday.  See the first of these posts for the background of these tales. The next prompt in the list on A Medium Corporation by Bianca Bass is: Write about a lesson you learned the hard way. Man, I have toContinue reading “(Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday: Pride and Coffee “


(Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday: Mr. $hitter

Introduction to (Not So) Tall Tale Tuesday: Have I ever mentioned that I’m a matchy-matchy person? I like things to go together and I guess this has bled over into my blogging because I feel an overwhelming desire to have my titles coordinate with the day of the week. If you know me very well,Continue reading “(Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday: Mr. $hitter”