(Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday: Pride and Coffee 

It’s Tuesday again and you know what that means???

Yes, that’s right… it’s (Not so) Tall Tale Tuesday.  See the first of these posts for the background of these tales. The next prompt in the list on A Medium Corporation by Bianca Bass is:

Write about a lesson you learned the hard way.

Man, I have to admit that this one was another  challenge for me. And mostly because there are a few big life lessons you sometimes learn the hard way but that you don’t want to share on a blog for the world to read. Sorry world. We’re just not that close yet. 

So, I’ve got a somewhat lighter (not so) tall tale to share. I call it:

Pride and Coffee 

It was my first day of work at Texas Health Resources in the HR department. We had a very nice sized break room, complete with a commercial-grade coffee maker. During my first trip to the break room for coffee, I came upon an almost empty coffee pot and I was about to pour the last cup. I didn’t want to be that person. You know…the person that drinks the last cup and then doesn’t make anymore so the next person that comes in has to make a pot and then wait around for a cup of coffee. Nobody wants to be that person (or at least wants to be caught being that person… especially not the newby on the floor). 

So, what did I do???  I decided to make another pot. 

Now, understand that I rarely make coffee at my house. I’m very spoiled and my loving husband usually makes it but I get the basics of a traditional coffee maker. This one seemed pretty similar, just larger so I didn’t want to bother anyone with asking how to use it. Too much pride. 

Instead I hunted through the cabinets to find the filters, etc and poured the water into the top of the machine. I turned it on. Then I stood back for it to do its thing, thinking to myself what a good person I was for not being that person and for figuring out the big coffee maker all by myself. 

Then it happened. It started leaking everywhere. Panic insued. 

What was going on?!? Hadn’t I done the right thing?!? 

At that point one of the senior Administrative Assistants on the floor came in to find me trying to desperately stop the leaking and clean up the gigantic slip hazard I’d created. Did I mention I was the program manager of Employee Safety so it was my job to prevent things like this from happening???

Luckily, she was very kind and understanding about it, explaining that this coffee maker had integrated water built into it. However, by me pouring water into it, not only did I cause it to overflow, I also managed to break it. 

The entire floor had to go without coffee the rest of the day and the following thanks to the new girl attempting to make coffee. 

Lessons learned the hard way:

  • Don’t ever let pride get in the way of clarifying the right way to do something. That’s a nice way for saying don’t be too proud to ask for help. 
  • Being the newby is tough. Be kind to those folks. Everyone has been there at least once. 
  • Don’t drink the last of the coffee. Wait until someone else comes and drinks it so they can make a fresh pot. (I’m kinda joking.)

Happy (not so) tall tale Tuesday. I hope you all sleep well and wake up to a pot of coffee someone else made for you!


Mommy Review Monday: Starbucks App

Before I start I’m going to go ahead and admit that this post makes me seem super-spoiled. I’ll refute that by saying that: 

  1. I work hard for my over-priced caffeinated beverages 
  2. I use them to treat myself or wake myself up (whichever type of day it might be)
  3. I don’t have a daily habit (most weeks) and we do brew our own coffee at home most days to save money
  4. We have budgeted fluff like this into our budget

Now, onto my review of the Starbucks app…

Why I use it:

  • It’s a free app (until you buy something)
  • You can use mobile order to pre-order your coffee. Imagine that there’s a long line in the drive-thru, so you go in to find there’s more people in line inside than there are outside. But wait, you ordered yours before you left and now it’s waiting for you to pick it up on the counter. You walk over to pick it up, smiling a sympathetic smile at the poor suckers waiting in line. (Then you smile to yourself, thinking how grateful you are to me for telling you about this app)
  • It remembers your orders, meaning you can simply click to reorder that special Skinny Mocha Frappachino you like with the extra shot, cinnamon, light on the cream, and light on the ice. And they get the order right because it comes through the computer from your app and you don’t have to remember exactly what to tell the barista to put in it. Or you can slightly tweak it for next time. You can also save your favorite drinks for next time. 
  • You can pay from the app in-store too, which is convenient. It’s prepaid so you just reload when you need to. I’ve got my card saved to it to make it easier. 
  • You earn points when you order on the app or use the app to pay in the store. When you get to 125, you get a free drink or food item. I always get the most expensive drink I can. Thanks Starbucks!
  • If you get a gift card, you can load it onto your app to pay, therefore making it easier to earn points. 
  • You get a double points day once a month. Ironically, today was mine so I earned double the points for my frappachino that was much needed after walking a jobsite in the heat!
  • There’s a map to tell you where your nearest Starbucks is. 
  • When you get ready to place an order and choose your location it tells you how far you are vs. how long it will take for your order to be ready.
  • There are periodic specials that they email you. For example: right now between 7/4-7/10 if I had bought 4 frappachinos I would’ve earned extra 50 points. I didn’t but sometimes if I’m on the road the “challenge” will work out and I’ll earn a few extra points to get a free drink sooner. I do not just buy drinks/food just to earn points. (Just making that clear.)
  • Sometimes after you’ve visited a store, they’ll send a request for a review or survey for extra points. If I have an extra 2 minutes I will do it because I like the extra points and I think feedback is important. 

What I don’t love:

  • Sometimes I order something only to find out once I get there that it was out of stock. 
  • This isn’t a huge concern for me…but I think there are some people that it does concern- this enables Starbucks to track my purchases and patterns. For me it’s almost a good thing because I buy things I like when they’re on sale- win-win. 
  • It doesn’t work for mobile ordering at some of the airport Starbucks. Spoiled. I know…
  • You don’t “get to know” your baristas if you are a regular as easily. Not that this is an issue for me because I’m all over the place but it might be for others who regularly go to a certain store. 
  • I’d love to see if there was a feature that would tell you whether there was seating available or not. I use the store to work periodically on my laptop and it’s a bummer when you show up after you purchase a drink only to find there are only two tables and both are occupied. 

I do love a good cup of coffee. It makes everything seem better. And this app makes it even better because it’s easier for me being on the road as much as I am. If you haven’t tried it yet, maybe you should try it out. If you hate it, you can always delete it!