Photo Friday- Tis’ the Season

Oh what fun we had at Anna’s class Christmas party! Our class was in charge of the snacks. Due to lots of allergies, everything at our school has to be individually wrapped and cleared by Nurse Gina, who does a great job keeping our kids safe and healthy. Enter traditional white Little Debbie Christmas Trees. I won’t lie…I LOVE these little packages of sweetness. They remind me of my childhood! 

The kids had a GREAT time with all of the games but my favorite to watch was the “wrap the teacher” game. So fun!

Meanwhile, back at the homefront…Will had to stay home on Christmas party day because he came from home sick on Wednesday and Nurse Gina said he couldn’t come back until today. We tried to make the best of it by watching a movie, making yarn Christmas ornaments, and getting haircuts. Check out the before and after of my handsome little man!

We ended the night with Garen’s company Christmas party at Mi Cocina. We actually had a miscommunication and I didn’t know I was supposed to join him until yesterday morning so it was a miracle that our two wonderful babysitters swooped in to stay with all of the kiddos so we could enjoy the night out. We clean up pretty well, huh?

Tis’ the Season to be busy, busy! It’s been a fast and furious week between work, school, and Christmas fun but it’s still been pretty great. Today is the last day of school before Christmas break and the big kids go to Joe Daddy’s in Hot Springs tomorrow until the 27th, so we are trying to make the most of every last minute with them. 

Next up: Holiday in the Park at Six Flags tonight!


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