Wellness Wednesday: Working Out with 8fit

Another confession- I have motivational challenges getting up and working out. I can’t figure out why because after I work out, I always feel great for the rest of the day. Whatever it is, I overcame it this morning and worked out. 

Since I started working out again I’ve been alternating between running (maybe it should be considered jogging) and doing workouts at the house using a workout app called 8fit on my iPhone. I really like it. When you start it, goes through your lifestyle and what you want to accomplish and then does a physical test to see what you can actually do. Then it creates a workout plan. 

I really like it because it’s easy to use and allows me to work out at the house easily…because leaving four kids at the house alone isn’t an option right now. 

It also will plan your meals for you, although some of the meals are way more ambitious than I will ever do with everything going in here. Although, I think they’ve got some great ideas and you can easily alter the meal plan to fit your neeeds. 

You can also sync it with your Apple Watch if you have one, which is nice. I just started using that feature so I’m not sure how well it will work or if I even need it to sync. Time will tell. 

Anywho…if you need somewhere to start that’s not overwhelming for working out at the house, I would recommend this program. It’s $60 a year I believe for the pro-plan subscription. For me, it’s cheaper and easier than a gym membership so that’s my justification and I’m sticking to it. 

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Disclaimer: I am not receiving ANY compensation for this review. These are 100% my own opinions and experiences. 


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