Photo Friday: Fossil Rim

Garen took the bigs to Fossil Rim a few weeks back on his way back from Hamilton. Despite Will almost losing a thumb while feeding a very greedy Oestrich, they had a fantastic time. If you’ve never been to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, it’s absolutely a Texas bucket list item! It was a greatContinue reading “Photo Friday: Fossil Rim”

Photo Friday: Colorado- Where the Wild Things Live- Part 1

Garen and I had the MCAA Midyear Meeting in Steamboat, CO in August and we decided to take a few days off before it to go to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Of course, we had a great time and, of course, Garen took some awesome photos. These are only a few becauseContinue reading “Photo Friday: Colorado- Where the Wild Things Live- Part 1”

Red Bird, Red Bird, What Do You See?

Saturday morning, Samantha (the cat) was quite upset with something outside the kitchen window. As I looked to see what had her so agitated, I saw a female cardinal sitting on the window seal. She was being pursued by a very persistent male.  Garen snapped a few photos and as I looked through them IContinue reading “Red Bird, Red Bird, What Do You See?”