Mommy Review Monday: Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib

With my first two kids, I used Bumkins bibs and they’re great but I decided to try some the Happy Healthy Parent waterproof silicone bibs for the twins.  Here’s what I like about them: They come in a 2- pack with free shipping through Amazon Prime.  The colors are cute: Clara’s is purple and Kate’s is pink. TheContinue reading “Mommy Review Monday: Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib”

Red Bird, Red Bird, What Do You See?

Saturday morning, Samantha (the cat) was quite upset with something outside the kitchen window. As I looked to see what had her so agitated, I saw a female cardinal sitting on the window seal. She was being pursued by a very persistent male.  Garen snapped a few photos and as I looked through them IContinue reading “Red Bird, Red Bird, What Do You See?”

Patriotic Babies

These girls just turned 8 months a few days ago and, for our obligatory monthly photo, it seemed appropriate for them to sport their red, white and blue in honor of 4th of July.  MaMa gave the girls these adorable patriotic outfits complete with matching Harlem Globetrotter headbands that she made.  She even made aContinue reading “Patriotic Babies”

Sammy’s First Birthday

  Our friends’ little boy, Sammy, just celebrated his first birthday today. How time flies when we’re having fun!     Jasmine did a great job decorating with the astronaut theme despite it being a challenge to find little kid space party supplies. It was so precious.  As cute as the decor was, Sammy was even cuter!     Continue reading “Sammy’s First Birthday”

Smile and the World Smiles with You

As I look at my children, I (almost) always smile. It’s not necessarily that they make me smile, although that’s true as well.   I smile because I want to see them smile.   Why do I want to see them smile? Subconsciously, because it makes me feel good (and because I know they’re happy, of course). I, inContinue reading “Smile and the World Smiles with You”

Cherished Moments with One

As a mother of four, moments with only one child- to snuggle, to hold, to play with, or even just talk to-are hard to come by. And when they come, they don’t last long. All the more reason to enjoy and cherish them.      I got one of these rare moments with Kate earlier today.Continue reading “Cherished Moments with One”

Twin Ponderings: To Match or Not To Match

One of the many twin questions I get asked is if I dress them alike.  The answer: Yes, most of the time they start that way although someone may have a blowout or spit out their carrots, resulting in a wardrobe change.  Here’s my reasoning, as if I really need justification of how I dressContinue reading “Twin Ponderings: To Match or Not To Match”

Dance RecitalĀ 

Yesterday was our first ever dance recital (of many with 3 girls in the house). I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect since Anna’s lessons have been during preschool  (which is super convenient) and I’ve not been able to go to any.  It was a blast though! And Anna was adorable and hadContinue reading “Dance RecitalĀ “

Retirement Party Fun

Last weekend we had a retirement party for Mrs. Graves (No, not me. Jacquetta Graves) and Mrs. Johnson. And when I say “we,” I use the word very loosely because Garen and I can’t take credit for much since his sisters and Connie’s daughters did most of the work, along with some talented friends thatContinue reading “Retirement Party Fun”