Mommy Review Monday: ezpz Happy Mat – One-piece silicone placemat + plate

DISCLOSURE: Due to the recent iPhone update my i’s are now malfunctioning. I️ am NOT going back through to fix. I’m too frustrated. Sorry folks.

It’s borderline Migraine Monday instead of Mommy Review Monday so this will be a sort one today so I can get off to bed. I should apologize to those who get actual migraines because I️ realize my headache isn’t really a migraine since I️ can manage to look at the screen.

I’ll thank the black beans all over the floor and the screaming toddlers for the tension headache. With that said, I’ll move onto our review of the day, the ezpz Happy Mat, without which there would’ve been many more beans on the floor.


  • Cost. $24.99 may seem like a lot but if you use I️t every meal, I️t pays for itself pretty quickly.
  • Hardiness. It’s made of silicone so you know it’s tough. And unlike your friends’ fake boobs, these don’t have to be hand-washed. You can stick them in the lower rack of your dishwasher time after time.
  • Dividers. Since so many kids are funny about not mixing foods, this is a great feature.
  • Protection. The full placemats give your table the armor it needs against banging silverware and/or sippy cups.
  • Stay-put-ness. I️ realize that’s a made up word but you get the point. No pates thrown across the room. As I️ said earlier, had we served black beans on a regular plate, they would’ve been everywhere. This plate-mat stayed in place throughout Clara’s mid-dinner temper tantrum.


  • Fit on High Chair Trays. They don’t fit on high chair trays. I️ know that’s not really what they’re made for so I️ really have a hard time declaring that a con but I️ do want to make sure no one assumes they’ll work that way. They do make a smaller version, the Mini Mat but it still may or may not work on your high chair tray.
  • Only Stick on Hard, Level Surfaces. Again, this seems common sense but they don’t stick or suction themselves down to fabric tablecloths or very unlevel surface. They’re still nice to use to protect your nice fabric tablecloth but there is the chance they could still move. We used a nylon table cloth at Halloween though and it still worked pretty well.

All together, these Happy Mats are what the brand name explains, ezpz. They’re a great gift idea, especially paired with these bibs. I’d buy another. In fact, I may buy another set for when one set is dirty. I’m not sure if that’s lazy or smart.

Happy Monday!!!


Mommy Review Monday: Munchkin Snack Catcher

I would give the Munchkin Snack Catcher a solid 7. 

Here’s what I like:

  • They come in a two-pack with two different colors. Great for twins. Kate uses pink and Clara orange. In reality, they get mixed up quite a bit, despite our efforts. 
  • They have easy to grip handles. 
  • The bottom is non-slip, rubbery material, which helps keep in place a little better. 
  • Priced right at $6.99 on Amazon
  • They’re dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 
  • The lid is easy enough to get off for adults but hard enough for the babies not to open it. 
  • They’re pretty good for travel snacks. Much more user friendly than trying to give a toddler a ziplock bag or tupperware container to eat out of. 
  • They keep the girls happy. Yeah, yeah, I know. Bad habit giving them food to occupy them. I promise we only do this at snack time…I don’t want them to fall into my bad habits of snacking whenever I’m bored!

Here’s what I don’t care for:

  • The lid is fairly difficult to get on. 
  • It doesn’t contain food as well as I would like. If you turn your back and a baby shakes it, you’ll have snacks everywhere. When you multiple that by two, you can get easily have a school of goldfish all over your floor or vehicle. And I can promise you that my kids are not apposed to the 5-minute rule so we have a lot of eating off the floor at our house. 

All and all, it’s a pretty great product. Not sure if there’s another brand that is better. It if you’ve tried one out that you like, let me know. 

Disclaimer: I’m NOT being compensated for my review of this product. I chose to purchase this, based on our needs. 

Mommy Review Monday: Baby Banana Teether 

Both Clara and Kate started teething over 4 months ago. We quickly realized we needed some teethers that were easy for them to use. Our good friends’ son had this banana teether and they said he loved it so we found it on Amazon and ordered a couple. 

What I like about them:

  • They’re available on Amazon Prime. 
  • The girls can easily hold on to them and have been able to since 4 months. 
  • They fit easily into their small mouths which is something a lot of the traditional larger teething rings can’t do. 
  • Since they are dishwasher-safe, they are easy to wash. 
  • They’re made of medical-grade silicone so I’m pretty sure they’ll hold longer than we need them…if we manage not to lose them, that is. 
  • BPA, Phthalate, Latex, and Toxin free means you theoretically don’t have to worry about whatever bad things these materials cause. 
  • They’re actually baby toothbrushes so we are basically training them for brushing their teeth. 
  • The girls love them. Obviously that’s important. All of these other points wouldn’t matter if they hated them. 
  • This isn’t really that important to me but they are super cute. We take them almost everywhere and people always ask us where we found them. 
  • They have open loops so you can use plastic chains or pacifier straps to keep them from dropping.  

What I would change:

  • They could be a bit better priced. They’re not outrageous but $7.44 a piece does seem a little expensive to a tight-wad like me. It obviously wasn’t bad enough to keep us from buying multiple. 

We love these so much that we’ve ordered 4 more, bringing us to 5 total since we sadly lost one somewhere. This way it is always a two-banana day at the Graves household.  (The link is to a song by Big Block Sing Song, a hilarious band that sings children’s songs)