Making Baby Food- Part 2: What and How I Made Baby Food 

After our trip to the grocery store (see my previous post, Part 1: The Why and Preparation), I got started.    Honestly, it hasn’t been that bad. I never expected to be the mom that makes homemade baby food but, surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it. I went into it without recipes but more of a generalContinue reading “Making Baby Food- Part 2: What and How I Made Baby Food “

Making Baby Food- Part 1: The Background and Preparation 

I’ve never tried making my own baby food. Honestly, I’ve been intimidated by it. The thought of cooking, blending, and storing it all seemed like a daunting task. Plus, we are on the go a lot so jarred baby food has been convenient to grab and go.  But after about almost two months of the girlsContinue reading “Making Baby Food- Part 1: The Background and Preparation “

When $hit hits the….

Warning: This post is dedicated to preparing for poop. After all, double the babies, double the dirty diapers. This may be TMI (Mom, if you’re reading this it stands for too much information) so, if it is, please stop now.  Today Clara had a blowout. Lucky for me, she was with Daddy this morning sinceContinue reading “When $hit hits the….”

Dance Recital 

Yesterday was our first ever dance recital (of many with 3 girls in the house). I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect since Anna’s lessons have been during preschool  (which is super convenient) and I’ve not been able to go to any.  It was a blast though! And Anna was adorable and hadContinue reading “Dance Recital “