Making Baby Food- Part 1: The Background and Preparation 

I’ve never tried making my own baby food. Honestly, I’ve been intimidated by it. The thought of cooking, blending, and storing it all seemed like a daunting task. Plus, we are on the go a lot so jarred baby food has been convenient to grab and go. 

But after about almost two months of the girls eating baby food now, I’m realizing how expensive it is to feed two. We have been ordering their food from Amazon because it’s quick, easy, and cheaper than in the store. But it’s still a little over $1 a four (4) oz jar. That’s for Earth’s Best Organic so I do realize I could get it cheaper. I’m not really an organic produce person but I tried different types of baby food when Will was a baby and liked Earth’s Best. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 

Anywho….Saturday about 4 different recommended pins came up on my Pinterest wall about making your own baby food. I took that as a sign that I should try it out. 

Like I do before any project, I read a few blogs about it. Thanks to Gina of Fitnessista and Wholesome BabyFood for great posts on making your own. I realized that I would have a lot more flavor options and could possibly save money if I made my own. And, with my food processor and two freezers, I figured it might not be that bad. 

Challenge accepted. 

I made a list, checked it twice. Garen and I headed to the store to buy everything. My goal was to make a month’s worth. We ended up coming home with $49.99 in ingredients. Here’s what I bought at Kroger: 

  • 14 bananas 
  • 3 cans pumpkin 
  • 5 organic apples
  • 2 large sweet potatoes 
  • Frozen blueberries, 3 lbs
  • Frozen green beans, 4 steamer packs
  • Frozen strawberries, 3 lbs
  • Frozen green peas, 4 steamer packs
  • Frozen corn, 4 steamer packs
  • Frozen carrots, 4 steamer packs
  • Frozen spinach, 1 lb
  • Green lentils, 4 cups

We also stopped at the Dollar Tree, where I bought 18 ice cube trays and a 10 pack of gallon zip-top freezer bags, which cost me a little over $10 with tax. 

  We got home and unloaded the goodies and I went to work, not knowing exactly what to expect or how much baby food all of this might make. 

See my next post (Part 2: What and How I Made Baby Food) for how the adventure went. 



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