Kindness Counts- Our Attempt to use the Carrot vs. Stick to get our four kids to be kind

Although the posts I’ve been posting may seem overly positive, there are lots of moments that everyone is NOT kind to each other.  In fact, sometimes it’s downright ugly.  We finally had a family meeting last night and brainstormed how we can all help each other with kindness.  They like the idea of a chart (yes, I guess my genetics for tracking/recording things has passed through their genes).

Kindness Counts image pinterest

Here’s the parameters of our chart, which you can download here by clicking on Kindness Counts Chart:


  • They all agreed that 20 acts of kindness would earn a prize.  Here’s what each chose:
    • Kate:  Dinner of pizza and cake
    • Clara:  Dinner of pizza and cake with chocolate milk
    • Anna:  Chinese food dinner
    • Will:  3 burritos from Chipotle
  • We all agreed that when someone does something that’s not kind it counts against them (takes away a smiley-face basically).
  • We discussed that every single kind thing they do can’t count because we can’t do a prize every single day.
  • We decided Mom and Dad should have a kindness chart too- we’ll see how well this works out and how we actually manage this.  It should be interesting but I like the idea of us being held accountable for using kind words vs. barking at the kids (which, trust me, can easily happen while we’re all together right now with “shelter-in-place going on).  I’m pretty sure that Garen chose Whataburger as his prize.  I’m choosing an hour to myself in my room.

The one I have linked above is the PDF and you can choose to print it or even have it electronically as a form to fill out.

I’ll let you know how it helps.  We’re just trying to spread kindness, not germs over here.  Stay safe and sane, my friends.



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