Chalkboard Quotes: Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

A few years back, right after we moved into this house, my sweet mother-in-law gave us this frame. It was another color and didn’t have anything behind it. We debated between using it to hang wreaths or other stuff in it or get a large picture printed for it. But I had wanted a big chalkboard for a while, so Garen cut a piece of plywood to the right size and I painted it with chalkboard paint. I painted the frame black so it would be versatile. I finished this project right before Clara and Kate’s first birthday. Here’s the first chalkboard crafting I did:

As you can see, I did a combo of pictures hanging with pom pom string and mini clothespins. I used chalkboard paint markers on this project. Although it turned out nicely, it forever stained my chalkboard. I’m probably the only one that really looks closeup enough to see that it still says “Happy Halloween” but it still drives me a little crazy. Short drive there but still…

The slight stain doesn’t bother me enough to take it apart and repaint it. I’ve learned now that using plain ol’ chalk is easiest for writing and erasing. Plus, you can buy a box with color and white from Dollar Tree for only a dollar. Score!

On Wednesday afternoon last week I redid it for Valentines a whole day before Valentines Day. Great planning, right? However, I went ahead and changed it because I used it for decoration at the Wood Elementary Family Sweetheart Dance we had on Friday night.

It’s not my best work and you can tell that it got smeared a bit by people running into it. It is what it is…

Today, I decided to redo the message again since it got messed up in transport back to the house. I thought I’d share since I really loved the message. It’s perfect right now since we’re between seasons. St. Patty’s Day (also Anna Banana’s birthday) is next and a little far off for doing that. I happened to see this post by How Does She? On Pinterest that had 21 Great Chalkboard Quotes. I found this quote from there and changed up how it was drawn a bit to fit my style. There were 20 other great quotes to check out as well.

I love this quote: “Be the reason someone smiles today.” I feel like if we all just tried to make at least one person smile a day we’d have a much better world. And one of the best ways to do that is just by smiling yourself. After all smiling is contagious.

Happy Smiling Sunday!


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