Mommy Review Monday: My Little Bro

Today’s Mommy Review Monday is a little different.  It’s a review of my little brother, Alexander Van Odom, who happens to turn 30 today.

How did that happen???

Like I always say, time flies when you’re having fun.  And we’ve had lots of it over the years.

Things I LOVE about my brother:

  • He’s one of the most caring, thoughtful people I know.  Seriously, y’all.  He’d always very conscious about how something may make others feel.  In a time of verbal (and textual) vomit all over the place, this man actually thinks about what he says and thinks before he says or writes it.  And, better yet, he actually cares about how it will make you feel.  This is something I, personally, could do better at.
  • He’s soooo creative.  This guy…. He can make, craft, draw pretty much anything.  More than that though, he’s creative enough to come up with his own designs vs. just copying a great idea of someone else.  Maybe that’s why he’s an amazing architect???
  • He made me Aunt Liz to Harper Bear.  And Ottie too.  They’re both pretty great and I love lovin’ on them both when I get to see them!
  • He married Kelsey, who is pretty much the coolest and most stylish sister-in-law EVER.
  • He’s super photogenic.  Ok, so this doesn’t really matter all that much to me but it does tie in the many photos below….

What I wish I could have more of from my brother:

  • I wish he lived closer and we could spend more time together.
  • I wish for our kids to get to spend lots of fun cousin time in the coming years.
  • I wish he’d give me some more of his creativity.
  • I wish I would’ve been nicer at times when we were growing up.  Sorry about being a bossy-pants, older sister.  At least he was able to learn from my mistakes…
  • Most of all, I wish I could give him a big Birthday hug!

If you’re reading this, Alexander, AKA, Uncle Al, I love you and can’t wait to see what the next 30 years holds for you and your little family!

To the rest of you, check out how handsome this dude is….

Photo Credit to Garen Graves and Kelsey Odom.

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