Photo Friday: New England Favs

Here are a few from our girls’ trip to New England- Newport, Boston, and Salem. 

There’s MUCH more content to come, including our itinerary, but these are some of my favorites, not just because of the quality but because of the memories. 

House of Seven Gables…can I be honest and say I don’t remember the book???

We went to Peabody, Massachusetts to the house that my dad, Aunt Karen, and Aunt Lynn lived in for a few years of their childhood. Believe it or not, this was only after a drink or two…we just had that much fun celebrating my cousin, Sarah’s birthday. These four photos above were at Marble House in Newport. You can see that Mom is telling us all about everything!Isn’t my Mom gorgeous? She was the mastermind behind this whole trip. This kitchen was at The Breakers. Who wouldn’t love to have a kitchen like this?!?Or a bathtub like this???Or a living room like this??? Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t like to have to clean this. As the daughter of a mason contractor, I’m in love with this entryway!This is the servants’ stairway. Nice, right?This is how full our little minivan was with all of our stuff. Who needs sand in your toes when you can be on the rocks?What a great way to end the day……picking up seashells……and enjoying time with my Momma!This is one of my favorites…my Aunt Karen and Cousin Sarah. This was obviously before we climbed the 297 steps to the top of the monument. You can tell by the smiles. These three ladies made the trip a blast!The Holocaust monument was amazing and very touching. 

It was a great trip, spent with great ladies!


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