Cooking with Kids: Ham and Cheese Croissants 

Every Saturday that we are home lunch sneaks up on us and I’ve forgotten to plan anything. When this happens, I often think of the options of food we have leftover to be used or eaten. Imagine me standing in front of the fridge looking at my leftovers. 

Yesterday the kids were leaving to go to Jo Daddy’s house for a couple of weeks (they’re lucky enough to have two loving families) and we had almost an entire Sam’s club size package of string cheese that was going to go to waste in their absence. We also had two rolls of croissants and some ham, all of which needed to be used. 

 What did we do? We made Ham and Cheese Croissants! 

The greatest thing about these (besides that they are easy and the kids love them) is that the kids can easily help make them. When they make their own food, they tend to eat better too!

My big helpers sure wanted to eat the ingredients.

Roll ’em up!
Easy enough for a five year old

The whole process only took about 20 minutes, including any rewrapping after my little chefs were finished. We served them with some mixed veggies and everyone was happy. 


  • Two rolls croissants 
  • 16 slices ham (we made 4 cheese only)
  • 16 string cheese sticks 


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray pan  with cooking spray (or if you are lazy like me and don’t want to wash, line pan with foil and then spray the foil). 

Unroll croissants. Layer the ham and then the cheese sticks. Roll them up. Bake for about 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.   Gobble them up! We had the leftovers for breakfast this morning. They are very versatile.   

  There are so many variations you can make of these:

  • Change meat- pulled pork, sausage, etc. Pretty much whatever you’ve got on hand. 
  • Spice it up- add jalapeños, spicy mustard, green chilies. Use your imagination. 
  • Change the cheese- I’m not even going to start on the ways you can mix this up. 
  • Italianize it- add pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperonis, and whatever else you like on your pizza. 
  • Add some green- cook some broccoli or spinach, combined with your cheese of choice. 

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