Mommy Review Monday: Medela Vs. Bonafide Baby Breastmilk Storage Bags

I’ve used both Medela and Bonafide Baby’s Breastmilk storage bags for pumped milk. 

Here what I think about both:

What I like about Medela’s Breastmilk Storage Bags:

  • They come with capability to attach to your Medela breastpump accessories 
  • They are nice and thick
  • They have a place to write the date easily
  • When filled, they sit up ok
  • They’re available almost everywhere, including Amazon, which is where I buy whatever I can get with free Prime Shipping. 

What I don’t like about Medela’s Breastmilk Storage Bags:

  • The holes that you use to attach them to the Medela breastpump accessories make it a pain to pour the milk out without making a mess
  • They don’t seal very easily- and breastfeeding mamas do cry over spilled milk. 
  • It is hard to tell exactly how much you pumped because of the way they are made. For example, I would pump what looked like 3 oz of milk and when I poured it into a bottle it would only be about 2.5 oz. This obviously could be user error too. 
  • It only holds 5 oz. There were times that I would make over 5 oz. per breast. 
  • They’re are more expensive. 50 bags are about $15. They’re even more expensive from a store, depending on whether you find a sale. 

What I like about Bonafide Baby’s Breastmilk Storage Bags:

  • They are nice and thick
  • They have a place to write the date easily. These even come with a non-toxic marker. 
  • When filled, they sit up very well
  • They’re available on Amazon Prime. 
  • They hold 6 oz. so there are times I can get away with just using one bag per session although having to use two bags is a good problem to have. 
  • They are a little more accurate when reading how much is in them. 
  • They come safety sealed. You just tear off the seal before you use them. 
  • They are very easy to seal and I’ve only had one leak ever due to me not sealing it well while in a hurry. 
  • They come in a box of 105. 
  • They only cost about $15.00 on Amazon. 

What I don’t like about Bonafide Baby’s Breastmilk Storage Bags:

  • They don’t have a way to hook onto the pump. In all honesty, this isn’t an issue for me. I pump into bottles and then  pour into the milk into the bags. I think it’s easier that way. I just can’t think of another con about these bags. 

You go through a lot of these bags when you’re pumping for two babies three times a day. Because of this you want to use bags that work for you. 

After making it about 5 months of pumping with the twins, I happened upon the Bonafide Baby brand while shopping on Amazon for the best price for the others. I tried them out and won’t ever use the Medela ones again if I have a choice to use Bonafide Baby bags. You could always try them out. They’ve got a 100% guarantee satisfaction so there’s no risk besides your time. 

What about you? What storage bags do you use?


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