Mommy Review Monday: Scott TP

The stomach bug hit me today. Hard. It's always tough when mamma is sick.

I feel exhausted after being sick most of the day so this will be a pretty short Mommy Review Monday and I have come up with something we don't always think much of until you end up using a lot of it:

Toilet Paper
We go through a lot of this at our house since there are so many of us (and the kids still like to use more than they should), so we buy it in bulk at Sam's Club. Last trip to Sam's I had Garen get it and he picked up Scott brand instead of the Sam's Club brand (which is pretty similar to Charmin but cheaper).

I've always been told not to slap the hand that feeds you so I've not complained about the thin, scratchy paper…until today. I have officially sanded my butt.

Here's the positives of Scott brand toilet paper:

  • It's cheapest you can find at Sam's Club
  • It provides excellent exfoliation for your booty.
  • It would work for TP-ing houses because it's so cheap- although it might break mid-throw.

And the negatives:

  • No matter how cheap, it's still not a bargain because you have to use more because it's so thin.
  • It will rub you raw if used frequently
  • It comes individually wrapped- both a pain and a waste of paper

There you have it- Scott toilet paper is pretty shitty. For more amusing toilet talk, be sure to check out my story about Mr. Shitter.


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