New Journey with the Five-Minute Journal 

I’m starting a new journey with the Five-Minute Journal. I’m nerdishly excited about it as I’m always looking for good self-improvement methods. This jumped out at me after listening to a pod cast (I hate that I can’t remember which one) with the authors/creators of the journal. They recognized a need- people need to remember the positives in their lives, identify actionable methods to achieve their goals, and use self-affirmation. I know that I need this. On days that I wake up and think about positive things first and what I want to accomplish, my day goes better. 

Their idea of having a quote followed by just three simple things to go through, which takes not more than five minutes is fantastic. Let’s face it- with a full time job and four kiddos, taking more than five minutes is pretty unrealistic. They even have you set a five-day goal for doing it five days in a row which is so clever. 

I’ll let you know how it goes after the first five days. Stay tuned!


Published by Liz

Crazy busy wife, mother of four kids and a cat, employee, friend, amateur chef, and wanna-be crafty person who often times is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

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