Nursing Twins- Part 3: Nursing Two Solo 

Nursing twins for me by myself was a daunting thought.     I tandem nurse them because I didn’t want to deal with bottles and nursing. I’m an either/or kinda gal. I also didn’t want to spend all my time with a baby attached to me. I’m just not that mother and that’s ok.  But there cameContinue reading “Nursing Twins- Part 3: Nursing Two Solo “

Mommy Review Monday: Dr. Browns Bottles

William was a colicky baby. For four months he cried. I hadn’t been around a lot of babies before having him. I didn’t know babies came like that. He’s lucky my siblings are my best friends or he would be an only child. I guess Anna, Clara, and Kate are lucky too,for that matter.  BackContinue reading “Mommy Review Monday: Dr. Browns Bottles”

What to Buy for Twins – Part 2: Infant Gear

I did a lot of research and talking to other mothers of multiples to find out what gear we needed for twins. There are a lot of articles out there but here’s my opinions: What you Need 2 of: Car seats High chairs  What is Nice to have 2 of: Cribs (our girls have always slept separately)Continue reading “What to Buy for Twins – Part 2: Infant Gear”

Mommy Review Monday: Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 SmartClean High Chair

Our last big baby purchases were two high chairs. I did a little research and found that the Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 SmartClean High Chair was the one that would work best for our house and budget.     What we like about them: They look good (we think). I think the turquoise and white is simpleContinue reading “Mommy Review Monday: Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 SmartClean High Chair”

Nursing Twins- Part 2: Surviving the Early Days

As I sit here writing about the early days of nursing my two, it does seem rather blurred. I won’t lie – the first few weeks flew by for me in a haze of long days and nights but here I am, 7 months into this journey, so I feel like something went right.   WithContinue reading “Nursing Twins- Part 2: Surviving the Early Days”

What to Buy for Twins- Part 1: Furniture 

The following is the furniture that I believe to be helpful with twins.  Gliders and/or Rockers Consider whether you plan to nurse or not. If you are, where you will nurse and what, if any, furniture you may want to purchase. I planned to nurse both upstairs and downstairs so I had gliders in theContinue reading “What to Buy for Twins- Part 1: Furniture “