What to Buy for Twins- Part 1: Furniture 

The following is the furniture that I believe to be helpful with twins. 

Gliders and/or Rockers

Consider whether you plan to nurse or not. If you are, where you will nurse and what, if any, furniture you may want to purchase. I planned to nurse both upstairs and downstairs so I had gliders in the living room and the nursery. I had a wooden glider from when Will and Anna were babies but knew I needed something wider and softer to accommodate two. We were fortunate to be given a glider/recliner that is extra wide. It’s perfect for our living room because it matches (Yes, I am a matchy-matchy person) and it is wide enough for the nursing pillow to fit inside the arms. The upstairs glider is smaller and has a footrest. Although it is adorable and matches the room perfectly, I would buy another wide glider or consider purchasing a love seat for the nursery instead. 

If you aren’t nursing, consider how you plan on feeding babies and then what other options might happen. Will you be feeding them together? Will two people be feeding at the same time? Would it be easier to feed them in bouncers or car seats? Consider your options before deciding what seating you may want/need. 

Side Table

I recommend having a side table next to your rocker or glider. This gives you a place to put your phone, a drink, and a lamp (not necessary but helpful in the nursery)


I had a crib from the nursery before and had planned to use it and just try to find one similar (again, I’m a matchy-matchy so it needed to be solid white). Instead, we were given matching white ones. I really like them. 

The next question people ask is, “Do they sleep in the same crib?” Ours never did. They came to us in the hospital in two bassinets and they were happy to sleep that way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Twin Pac N Play

After I realized that I probably was not easily going to be going up and down the stairs, we decided we needed a downstairs sleeping solution for the girls. Since we planned on them sleeping in their own bed we got a Twin Pack N Play. It was perfect and I was thankful for it during the first few months. 

Changing Tables

I know some people don’t think you need one but I wouldn’t trade mine for the world. It makes it easier on your back because you aren’t having to lean over or bend to change diapers and dress your baby. And with two, you’ll be glad of that. 

We set up a changing station downstairs too. It has been a great thing and saves so much time going up and down stairs. 

Where to Find Furniture Cheaper

If you’re on a budget these are good places to look:

  • Craigslist 
  • Garage sales 
  • Ask about floor models at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, or other furniture stores
  • Family or friends that may be getting rid of things
  • Post what you’re looking for on social media 

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