Party Time:  Eight is Great

On August 22nd my big boy got a little bit bigger. We celebrated his birthday at Pump it Up with some of his school and scout friends.  He wanted a video game themed party. I partly feel bad because there wasn’t really much about it that was geared towards video games besides the Super MarioContinue reading “Party Time:  Eight is Great”

Shotgun Show-off

Let me start by saying that I would never have really imagined that I would EVER own a gun of any kind. I have never felt drawn to hunting as a sport and I really don’t feel the need to carry a concealed weapon. Most of this is because the few times I’ve shot I’veContinue reading “Shotgun Show-off”

Water Babies 

We took Clara and Kate to my cousins’ annual Fourth of July swim party today.  It was their first time swimming.    True to their personalities, Clara immediately loved it, kicking and splashing.    Kate was reserved at first but loved it as she got used to it.    Swimming with our water babies andContinue reading “Water Babies “

Sammy’s First Birthday

  Our friends’ little boy, Sammy, just celebrated his first birthday today. How time flies when we’re having fun!     Jasmine did a great job decorating with the astronaut theme despite it being a challenge to find little kid space party supplies. It was so precious.  As cute as the decor was, Sammy was even cuter!     Continue reading “Sammy’s First Birthday”

Dance Recital 

Yesterday was our first ever dance recital (of many with 3 girls in the house). I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect since Anna’s lessons have been during preschool  (which is super convenient) and I’ve not been able to go to any.  It was a blast though! And Anna was adorable and hadContinue reading “Dance Recital “

Retirement Party Fun

Last weekend we had a retirement party for Mrs. Graves (No, not me. Jacquetta Graves) and Mrs. Johnson. And when I say “we,” I use the word very loosely because Garen and I can’t take credit for much since his sisters and Connie’s daughters did most of the work, along with some talented friends thatContinue reading “Retirement Party Fun”