Photo Friday: Longhorn Cavern State Park

Over Christmas break, we made the trip from Hamilton down to Longhorn Cavern State Park.  I’d been there back when Will was still an only child but we didn’t have time to go on the cave tour.  It was one of the Texas Bucket List things that I’d always wanted to check off.  I don’t think anyone else in our family had ever been either so it was a great choice when we wanted to get outside to do something right before Christmas rather than sitting around the house in Hamilton.

It’s located a little north of Marble Falls, TX, so we left in time to go into town and eat at Bluebonnet Cafe, which is definitely a great place to stop if you’re ever driving down Hwy 281.  I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken fried steak and at least half of us got breakfast for lunch.  Don’t skip the pie for dessert.

The cave tour was pretty cool and we learned a little about the history as well as some geology behind formation, etc.  Imagine how cool it would’ve been to grab a drink or a concert down there?!?  Back in the day, they operated a bar, complete with a band to get more visitors because Carlsbad Caverns was so popular with their elevator at the time.  This was obviously before they knew that touching the stalagmites and stalactites stunted their growth permanently.  You science people correct me if I got those wrong….

The state park around the cave is pretty cool itself.  We didn’t explore it too much, with Harper Bear, Clara, and Kate having short legs and attention-spans.  However, we did enjoy climbing up and around the original CCC stone building there.  While the cave pictures sure didn’t turn out, I think that the ones of us hanging out above the cave were pretty cute.  We sure enjoyed our time with the Odom family!

Happy Photo Friday all!


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