Photo Friday: Luke, the Three-Rex

Last Saturday Luke had his Dino Birthday party. The big #3!  We had such a good time and I’m always thankful for the opportunity to get a little crafty so I helped Paige get ready for the party. I took a few photos of this prehistoric party that we put together!

Follow the tracks to some dino fun- such a easy way to decorate!The punch was a din-o-mite hit with the kiddos!Daddy-SaurusThis was supposed to be T-Rex toss but it also doubled as a photo booth for Anna Banana.  I thought it was cute….even if Garen asked me if it was a Cobra…..The Dino Dig/Egg Hunt kept the little ones entertained for a good bit of time.  The Dino Eggs came out of the Easter section.  I love those malted eggs!  And the dino with the mini birthday hat was probably my favorite of all of the decorations.  But those cupcakes- How cute are they???I made three tags for food-  Herbivores (for the chips and veggie trays).Carnivores (for the chicken nuggets)Sweetivores (for the sweets).  Speaking of sweet- how sweet is the adorable cake?!?

And Luke, he’s even more adorable.  Garen and Will had to miss the party to go to Cub Scouts but after the party Garen took a few quick last-minute photos with him and some of his many beloved dinosaurs.  Despite Luke being super-tired after partying it up, they still turned out pretty cute!  Here’s my favorite because he looks so innocent.  You can check the rest out on the Garen Graves Photography blog.



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