Glazed Brown Sugar & Bacon Pork Loin via Instant Pot

I’m still learning to use my Instant Pot.  And still loving it.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to have my parents over for Anna’s birthday lunch.  I made the mistake of not planning very well and couldn’t find the recipe I wanted for the pork loin I planned to make that morning.

So, in true Liz-fashion, I searched Pinterest and did a combination of things to come up with what I’m now calling Glazed Brown Sugar & Bacon Pork Loin.  I served it with whipped new potatoes and broccoli.  According to the family, it was pretty tasty so I’m sharing in case you’ve got some pork to cook!

Glazed Brown Sugar & Bacon Pork Loin via Instant Pot


  • 2 lbs Pork Loin (mine came in two pack, about 1 lb each)
  • 8-10 slices of bacon
  • 2-4 tbsp Tone’s Rosemary Garlic Seasoning Blend (I’m sure you can find a similar homemade version but I buy this at Sam’s club)
  • 4 tbsp Dijon mustard (grainy gives it a little better)
  • 2/3 cup Brown sugar
  • 1 cup Chicken broth


  • Rub the pork loin with the Rosemary Garlic Seasoning Blend
  • Wrap the pork loin(s) with bacon strips.
  • Place the pork loin(s) into the Instant Pot bowl.
  • Combine the Dijon mustard and brown sugar with the chicken broth.
  • Pour the chicken broth mixture into the bottom of the Instant Pot bowl.
  • Close the lid of the Instant Pot and set the valve to sealing.
  • Press Manual and adjust the time to 30 minutes.  It will take a while to come to pressure and then start the count-down.
  • When time is up, allow the Instant Pot to naturally release pressure for about 5 minutes. The display will indicate how many minutes since the Instant Pot completed the cooking cycle.
  • Then quick release the rest of the way.
  • Open the lid and remove the pork loin to serving dish or platter.

Optional Steps:

  • To make the bacon a little crispier, put the cooked pork loin into the oven on broil for a few minutes.  BE VERY CAREFUL with this step because you can very easily over cook the pork this way, which would be super sad.
  • You can make gravy/sauce out of the juices.  To do this:
    • Combine 1-1/2 tbsp cornstarch and 3 tbsp of water.
    • Add this to the juices left in the Instant Pot bowl.
    • Whisk this mixture and juices.
    • Continue to whisk for about 1 – 2 minutes while the sauce thickens into a gravy.
    • Turn the Instant Pot off once this has thickened.
    • Pour some of the gravy onto the cooked pork loin and put the rest into a gravy boat.

There you have it.  It was super easy and tasty.  You can cook your broccoli and whipped new potatoes while it’s going so your meal is ready in about 45-50 total start to finish and it looks like you’ve spent hours.  Next time, I may try to add the potatoes, knowing this may not allow me to make a gravy.  We will see…. I’ll let you know if I do!

Happy Instant Potting!


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