Mommy Review Monday- I mean Tuesday: Sam’s Club Diapers

So first of all- sorry for not posting for a LONG time.  Busy times around our house these days!

Every Monday seems to come and go without me posting.  But today, as we opened ANOTHER box of diapers, I thought- I wonder how much I’ve spent on diapers???

And, you know what???

I have NO IDEA!  That’s right.  You know why???

  1.  I don’t have time to keep up with.
  2. Why keep up with it when you have no other choice other than “letting them go” (and not in the Frozen kinda way) wherever they want until I feel ready to potty train?!?

So, with that said, the last round of diapers we bought were the Sam’s Club brand- Members Mark I think.  Here’s my review of them and it will be pretty short because it’s 11:57 and if I want this to still be Mommy Review Monday rather than Tuesday, I better get after it….


  • Price- about $3 cheaper a case than Pampers, which is what we used before….
  • Quality- not very many blow-outs or leaks besides when we’ve had major loads, which, at that point, it wouldn’t matter the brand…
  • Convenience- Sam’s club will ship to your house for free but we typically buy when we go to the store.  In bulk- like 3-4 cases at a time….


  • Cuteness- not as cute as others.  I really do NOT care about this.  To me, a diaper, is a diaper, is a diaper.  To each their own though…
  • Coupons- not really one that applies to me.  I don’t coupon but, if you did, I don’t think you will ever find coupons for these.

Main point:  If you have to buy as many diapers as I do- think twins- then these just might be a good way to save a little money and still maintain good quality.

Well, shoot!  I got distracted and now it’s 12:11 AM.  Officially Mommy Review Tuesday now.  Don’t judge.  Better late than never.


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