Mommy Review Monday: JanSport Big Student Backpacks

Prologue:  I started this post on the first day of school and never finished it. So….I’m now finishing it in honor of the first day of the second six weeks. Can you say procrastination???

In honor of today being the first day of school, a review on a backpack seems appropriate. This is the second year my son is using his JanSport backpack. He didn’t really complain much about not getting a new one either, surprisingly. 

What I like about it:

  • It is extra durable. Will is very rough on his things, so his backpack takes quite a beating. 
  • It’s got good zippers. They won’t break like some cheaper backpacks.
  • It has plenty of pockets in the front and organization is easy. 
  • It’s pretty large. He is very much my son and likes to be prepared for anything. With plenty of room, he can even throw in his huge blanket when he wants to. It’s also a great size for a couple nights worth of clothes if you’re taking a trip.
  • They’ve got great designs. The one Will chose is perfect because it won’t show much if it’s dirty. 
  • They spot clean very easily. Again, I don’t have to do this much because of the dark design but I’ve done it on the inside when we’ve had a lunch spill. 
  • I know JanSport backpacks last. I had one in junior high that my parents had until a few years ago. I won’t tell you how long that is because it would make me seem old but I’ll assure you we got every penny from it. 
  • They have classic styles. However, they’ve branched out with their prints and have fun designs to choose from. Anyone can find one that fits their personality. 

Thoughts about JanSport backpacks:

  • They’re not cheap. We paid about $60 for it at Academy last year. You get what you pay for. It’s going to last. If you’re wanting to buy a backpack for your child every year, this might not be the bag you want to buy. I plan on letting Will pick out another one in a couple more years. I would be spending around $20-30 on a cheap backpack that would have to be replaced at least yearly. Therefore, in 3 years, if he’s used it then we’re even. I’ve got no doubt that it will last way longer than that. 
  • Because of the life of this backpack, be careful with the design you choose. It needs to be something your kid is going to want to carry for a few years in order to maximize your investment. 
  • They make a single pocket version but it doesn’t have nearly as much space. It might be better for a younger kid because the big student one is just that- big
  • Academy and Journeys for Kids both have a huge selection during back-to-school time so you can look at these in person but you can probably shop around to find the best price online as well if you know what print you want. Amazon is always a great place to look. 

For the record, I caved and let Anna have a Hello Kitty backpack. It’s denim so I figured we would at least get through the year but I know it won’t hold up like Will’s has. 


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