Twin Tips: Surviving Sickness with Twins plus Two

My heart breaks when my babies are hurting. It’s got to be the worst feeling ever to see them in pain. Last Sunday, Kate had a virus and then Clara got it a few days later, despite our attempts to sanitize and separate. You can see we were both worn out (even though I kind of look upset.)

Having sick babies is hard work. Thought I’d share a few tips that help us get through it:

  • Separate sick kids from healthy kids as much as you can. I realize this is sometimes easier said than done and it seems to not have worked this time for us but it has in the past. 
  • Sanitize. Sanitize your hands. Sanitize everything you or your sick one has touched. We use a lot of Lysol and Clorox wipes because they’re convenient. 
  • This round of sickness was the vomitting kind. Always a favorite. Obviously babies can’t tell you when they’re going to puke so mine just cry, cough, and then puke on whatever they’ve got in front of them. In my case, it seems to happen when they’re asleep on my chest. It gets on everything this way. What I found to be best is to strip them to their diaper, wrap them in a cuddly blanket rather than PJs and then put either a burp rag, soft towel or something on you to catch anything. Mind you, I learned this after multiple wardrobe changes. 
  • I like to hold and cuddle my sick babies. I think it makes me feel better knowing they’re feeling my love. Everyone is different and this isn’t always possible for me with four kiddos to tend to but it is nice when it can. 
  • Make sure they’re getting enough fluids. You should be able to tell by how much they’re drinking and if they’re still having wet diapers. If in doubt, talk to your pediatrician. You do not want a dehydrated baby. 
  • When you have a sick one, make things as easy as possible around the house for you. This may mean letting your older kids watch a movie, getting take-out, or eating on paper plates. 
  • Always keep Infant Tylenol and/or Advil on hand in case they have fever. The last thing you want to do is have to go to the pharmacy. Also, make sure you know how much your baby weighs so you can quickly measure the correct dosage. 
  • Take care of yourself too. Especially if you’re still nursing. I’m terrible about eating and drinking enough when I’m busy tending to sick babies. The better health you’re in, the less likely you’ll catch it too. It’s terrible when mommy or daddy get sick!
  • If you feel uncomfortable about your kids’ sickness, don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician. Always trust your “mommy (or daddy) gut.”

There you go- tips from a mom of four, including twin babies. What other tips do you have for surviving sicknesses?


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