Tips for DIY Twin Newborn Photos

Those beautiful photos you see people post on Facebook and send on their birth announcement of their infants will be cherished forever. They should be. They capture a special fleeting moment in time and you’ll always want to remember just how tiny they were.

Garen takes photos for a hobby so we decided to take our own. And let me tell you, after trying multiple days with two babies, I realized why these photographers charge so much. It isn’t as simple as it looks.

Here are my top 10 tips if you’re going to attempt to take your own newborn photos with twins:

1. Accessorize.

Order or buy your props or accessories a month or two before you expect to deliver so that you don’t have to worry about it once you’re home with your bundles of joy. i.e. headbands, diaper covers, ties, swaddlers, etc. I made the mistake of waiting and was overwhelmed choosing. I couldn’t decide what color(s) to go with and which girl would where what so I settled with matching white headbands and diaper covers.

2.  Wardrobe

Pick out clothes for Mom, Dad, and siblings ahead of time too. I wore one of my flowing maternity shirts with tights to cover my belly and be comfy at the same time.  Remember you might look 6 or 7 months pregnant still after twins. You won’t feel like shopping probably, especially if you have a c-section like me.

3. Don’t Delay

Take them within 7-10 days of birth while they are still “sleepy.” We missed this special time because we were tired and overwhelmed. Don’t let this happen to you. It will be a lot easier than waiting until they “wake up.”


4. Do You Homework

Search Pinterest and YouTube for how to pose infants and twins before you try it yourself. It’s not as easy as it looks. This pose was the easiest for us to capture both girls.

5. Equip Yourself

Rent equipment. You can rent cameras, lenses and flashes. Then research how to use them.

6. Light Up

Find a place in your house that has a lot of natural light. You likely won’t have elaborate lighting or professional flashes (unless you rent it). If you do, awesome. If not, open the blinds. Let the light shine in.

7. Timing is Everything

Time it right. For us, we got ourselves ready and setup during the girls’ nap. Once they woke, we fed them and got a few with them awake. Then when they fell back to sleep, we took a few that way too.

8. Set the Stage

Use blankets, pillows, and even hands covered in blankets to prop your babies up how you want them. Use big blankets to make a background.

9. Be patient.

It’s not easy….especially if you have siblings you are trying to take as well. Go into it knowing that. Remember that professional photographers may take thousands of photos just to get a few worth keeping. Our favorite photo was one that was completely not expected.  We love candid shots.

10. Bottoms Up

Drink some wine (or adult beverage of your choice). It will make it more fun. And you deserve it since you’ve made it through a pregnancy carrying two, all while completely sober. Your partner deserves some too if he/she put up with as much as mine did!

The other piece of advice I have is if you can afford it, pay a professional. It is a lot easier. There are a lot of GREAT photographers that take newborn photos at different price ranges. I’ve personally love the work Elizabeth Marquess, of By Liza Jane Photography, does. She’s taken our family photos a few times and is great.  There are so many options.  Just don’t wait too long to find someone and meet with them so you are on their books since many of these photographers book quickly.

And, no Garen doesn’t take newborn photography. He specializes in lifestyle and event (minus wedding) photos.


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