Busy, Distracted, and Procastinating

My list of excuses could go on. Alas, I will not bore you but I have to admit that my parents are right. When you put something off, each day it gets harder and harder to get it done. 

Such was true in this situation. I got busy and distracted one Monday and skipped my Mommy Review Monday. It was so long ago I have forgotten why. Whatever the reason, Monday passed by with no post. Then Tuesday. Photo Friday flew by me and, the next thing I knew, I had skipped out on a few weeks’ worth of posts. 

I think the lessons here are two-fold:

  1. Don’t procrastinate. I googled sayings about procrastination to find something clever to share and the first three pages were completely about what the Bible says about the subject. Obviously that’s a sign it’s not good to do. 
  2. Listen to your parents. All of those things I shrugged off growing up are still teaching me lessons in adulthood. Imagine that. Maybe Mom really does know best….

Published by Liz

Crazy busy wife, mother of four kids and a cat, employee, friend, amateur chef, and wanna-be crafty person who often times is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

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