Party Time:  Eight is Great

On August 22nd my big boy got a little bit bigger. We celebrated his birthday at Pump it Up with some of his school and scout friends. 

He wanted a video game themed party. I partly feel bad because there wasn’t really much about it that was geared towards video games besides the Super Mario Bros cake that we got from Sam’s Club. They did a pretty great job for the money. And, you know what? Will didn’t mention once anything about not having more video game related party stuff. That really goes to show that it really doesn’t matter if our birthday parties are “Pintrest perfect” if the kids are having a good time (despite how much I want it to be). 

Having it at Pump it Up was GREAT! They did everything! We just had to show up with cake, a cooler of drinks, and some snacks to hand out. The kids had a blast and they even did the party favors (for cheaper than I could have). Even Clara and Kate had a good time, despite them looking slightly bored in these pictures. Of course, they might have gotten a little attention from MaMa and Mammy at the party. 

This is my face after the party- relieved to not having anything to clean up!

Happy Birthday to my oldest. We love you very much and are so proud of you, William Paul!Oh, and thanks to Garen for the great photos!


Adventures with Four: So Much for Cheap Entertainment 

Remember by post from yesterday? Well, to refresh your memory, the kids all happily played in and with laundry baskets and blankets yesterday morning, keeping them occupied for a solid 30 minutes. And I had the gall to brag about it. 

A few hours later, as I was getting lunch ready, I overhead Anna ask Will if he wanted to see her skate. This was followed by the infamous phrase, “Watch this!”

Before I could run upstairs Anna had tumbled down the stairs in one of the laundry baskets(a.k.a. her attempt at skating).  She cried and got some loving from me, along with a quick reminder that this is why I’ve been so adamant about not playing on the stairs. 

We iced it and gave her some Tylenol but when it was still hurting in the evening, I decided she should get checked out. 

Did I mention Garen was quarantined to our room with a stomach bug? Poor guy! So when I made the decision to go to the pediatric after hours clinic, all four kiddos got loaded up. My mom caught wind of it and asked if I was alone and needed help.  I sent her this:

“Hardly alone. I’ve got all four kids.” They were super well behaved, considering the wait time we had right at bedtime. You can see Mr. I’m-too-cool-for-photos head poking out from behind the table. 

Her wrist did end up being a slight buckle fracture. I was glad I decided to take her in. You can’t really even tell unless you know what you’re looking for in the X-ray. 

Next step, a follow-up appointment with the Ortho. So much for “cheap entertainment.” I feel fortunate. Her fall down the stairs could have been much worse. 

Moral of the story: don’t be too quick to brag. 

Oh, and I now have the stomach bug- despite the bottle of Lysol I went through yesterday. Fun times around here. It’s almost funny how karma can bite you in the rear. Fingers crossed the kids don’t get it.