Game Night: Bean Boozled

One of my friends at my previous job recommended Bean Boozled to me and the idea of it sounded like something that would be entertaining to play with the bigs. 

I found and ordered it from Amazon. I really didn’t expect the jelly beans to actually taste all that bad, despite being assured that they do. Boy, was I wrong. The worst two I had were canned dog food and skunk. It was so bad that Garen and I refuse to play again but the kids love it. 

With that said, last night we had my sister, bro-in-law, and Mom over for dinner. Before dinner we pulled it out to let the kids play with them. It was hilarious. I thought I would share the fun for your entertainment. Uncle Brian was a super good sport about it. Here’s the video. Thanks for letting us share, Brian!


Shotgun Show-off

Let me start by saying that I would never have really imagined that I would EVER own a gun of any kind. I have never felt drawn to hunting as a sport and I really don’t feel the need to carry a concealed weapon. Most of this is because the few times I’ve shot I’ve been so off that it just wouldn’t make sense for me to have one. I don’t really care what other people do. To each their own. 

But….I’m now involved with a few associations that require me to go to quite a few clay shoots throughout the year. Since Garen’s shotgun kicked way more than I could handle, we invested in my very own shotgun. And I shot in my first clay tournament. Although I didn’t do very well, I’m proud to say that I didn’t win the “dead last” , a.k.a. boobie, prize.

I have to admit that I actually really enjoyed it. It was fun. Way more entertaining and fast-paced than a golf tournament. (Sorry to all of my golfing friends) Of course, Garen loves that I liked it. We’re both probably going to take few lessons so I don’t end up last in the next tournament. I really like the new gun too. If you’re looking for one that’s fairly lightweight and doesn’t have a lot of kick I recommend the Beretta A400 Xcel. It was pricey but you get what you pay for and I’ll probably have it until Will is old enough to inherit it. 

Here’s a few good photos Garen got from the UMCA shoot. It’s so nice that we work in the same industry and get to go to a lot of the same events. I know I look rough. Give me a break. It’s August in Texas!

Busy, Distracted, and Procastinating

My list of excuses could go on. Alas, I will not bore you but I have to admit that my parents are right. When you put something off, each day it gets harder and harder to get it done. 

Such was true in this situation. I got busy and distracted one Monday and skipped my Mommy Review Monday. It was so long ago I have forgotten why. Whatever the reason, Monday passed by with no post. Then Tuesday. Photo Friday flew by me and, the next thing I knew, I had skipped out on a few weeks’ worth of posts. 

I think the lessons here are two-fold:

  1. Don’t procrastinate. I googled sayings about procrastination to find something clever to share and the first three pages were completely about what the Bible says about the subject. Obviously that’s a sign it’s not good to do. 
  2. Listen to your parents. All of those things I shrugged off growing up are still teaching me lessons in adulthood. Imagine that. Maybe Mom really does know best….

Adventures with Four: How we survived an 8-Hour Roadtrip

We just survived an 8-Hour round-trip road trip with twin 9 month old babies, plus a 5 and almost 8 year old. 

Here’s my travel tips for a successful trip with that many kids in one vehicle:

  • Consider leaving at night or early in the morning so you can get as much of the drive done while all of the kids sleep. We left the house at 4 AM and that bought us a few hours of peaceful drive time. 
  • Dress everyone comfortably. The big kids slept in their athletic shorts and shirts so we didn’t have to worry in the morning. The babies were in their footie pjs for the first leg of the trip. 
  • Bring a blanket for each kid. Someone is bound to get cold. 
  • Be sure everyone has pottied before you leave anywhere. 
  • Try to arrange seating so that someone can sit between the babies so you can feed or play with them, as necessary. 
  • Bring a bag of toys that you can rotate out. 
  • Bring extra pacifiers and keep them handy. We tend to always be missing one. 
  • Have wipes within reach. You never know when you’re going to need to clean something up- whether big or small. 
  • We knew the girls were going to go through 3 bottles each on the trip, so we packed a bottle bag with that many bottles and three shakers, a gallon of water, plus the formula. Some people suggested packing the pre-measured formula but it seemed just as easy to pack the big tub of it when you’re making this many bottles at a time. Oh, and we don’t warm the bottles- they just drank them room temperature, which made it way easier. 
  • Build in plenty of time for stops. 
  • We changed diapers in the vehicle because it was easier and cleaner than many of the restrooms. 
  • Have a general idea of where you can stop and eat that is kid friendly. Our favorite road trip stop is Cracker Barrell. 
  • Pack plenty of things for the big kids to do. We let Will take his DS and Anna got to watch a movie in my iPad. I also stocked a bag of goodies from the Target dollar section including sticker books, coloring books, card games, etc.  
  • Bring some healthy snack choices. We brought grapes, crackers, squeezy fruit. It kept them from wanting the junk from the convenience stores. 
  • Have a change of clothes handy for the kids- big and little. You never know when you might need it and you don’t want to have to pull out suitcases to find something. 
  • Bring help, if possible. We were fortunate to have Garen’s mom and his 17-year-old cousin along. It made it much easier and more fun for everyone. 
  • Use a van, if possible. We are fortunate enough to have been loaned a 12-passenger Ford Transit to take. We would’ve had to take two cars otherwise. This gave us plenty of room for everyone AND our stuff. 

We not only survived, we had a great time. It was a fast and furious trip but we all had a blast in Branson with the family!

What road trip tips do you have for traveling with kids? I’d love to hear them!