Sick and tired…and Sad

The curse of morning sickness has hit me. Hard. It's more like all day sickness. Whoever termed it morning sickness must have misspelt mourning. It's off and on in the morning and then pretty constant in the afternoon. Oh, how I wish I could puke (except at work which would be weird since no one… Continue reading Sick and tired…and Sad


Like a RollercoasterĀ 

Yesterday was the first day I really had a bad emotional day even though I can feel this little person inside me is taking over me and will soon make me seem somewhat bipolar at times. This is my third time around, so it isn't surprising to me. I have the best husband in the world.… Continue reading Like a RollercoasterĀ 

Saint Patty’s Day Baby

My baby is four. Crazy to believe it's been that long. So much has happened in these four years:Divorce New jobMovingKids in new preschools Marriage Oldest starting kindergarten Marriage Another baby on the way I digress. Anna is a spunky beautiful little sassy pants who is very smart, loves attention and will talk your ear off. She keeps our lives interesting… Continue reading Saint Patty’s Day Baby